Have you had air conditioner maintenance within the past year? Your AC system lasts 12 to 15 years but it’s not a guarantee without regular maintenance.

Professional maintenance is a must but here are a few tips to improve your unit.

1. Change the Air Filter

The air filter on your HVAC unit needs changing every 30 days at the earliest but several variables play a factor in how often your filter should be changed.

There are different types of filters:

  • Fiberglass: This is a less expensive option but needs changing more frequently.
  • Pleated: These are more expensive and need to be changed every three to six months.

Here are the factors that affect the longevity of your HVAC’s air filter:

  • Air quality: If you live in a bigger city, you’re surrounded by more air pollution than if you were in the suburbs or countryside. Lower air quality means your filter needs to be changed more often.
  • Home size: More square footage means more air that cycles through the air filter.
  • Pets: If you have hairy pets, pet hair and dander are caught in your system’s filter and it needs more frequent changing.
  • Allergies: Change your filter often if anyone living in the house has allergies, asthma, or other medical conditions. This reduces the risk of any reactions.

2. Clear Vents

Make sure nothing is blocking the air vents throughout your house. Dirt and dust collect around vents so make sure to keep them clean.

Blocked vents mean your system needs to work harder. More usage due to overworking could reduce its life expectancy. Dirty vents also reduce the air quality in the home.

3. Thermostat

Old, outdated thermostats aren’t the most accurate.

Modern air conditioning units have programmable thermostats that let you set temperatures for certain times of the day. While you’re gone for the day, raise the temperature to save money and energy.

Having more control over your HVAC unit means lower energy bills and your system isn’t hard at work while you’re out of the house.

4. Clean Outside Unit

Check your unit outdoors and clear any dirt and debris that gathers on your system or around it.

Brush off dirt, clear off sticks and branches, and pull away weeds, vines, and bushes that obstruct airflow.

Keeping your outdoor unit clean means your system runs more efficiently.

5. Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

Your HVAC needs service by a professional at least once a year.

A licensed technician is trained to make sure your system is operating efficiently. Regular cleaning and maintenance lengthen the lifespan of your system and reduces the risk of a component breaking down, leaving you without cool air.

Schedule Maintenance Today!

Regular air conditioner maintenance saves you money, improves the air quality in your home, and reduces the risk of something going wrong. You don’t want something to break down in the middle of a heatwave.

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