Don’t get left out in the cold with an HVAC system that doesn’t work properly. Early prep for the winter months ensures your system runs well and reduces the chances of it breaking down on you.

Your system needs regular maintenance to prevent problems and keep it efficient. Having a pro check out your HVAC system is a good idea.

Keep reading to learn how to prep your HVAC system for winter.

Test the HVAC System Early

Don’t wait until you really need your heat to test the system. Run a system check in the fall to make sure your heat turns on and works well. Make sure the HVAC system properly heats your home based on your thermostat setting.

Change the Filter

You need to change your HVAC air filter at least once every three months, but you might need to change it more often. The type of air filter affects the frequency with cheaper filters needing to be replaced more often. You might also need more frequent changes if you have pets, live in a dusty area, or have other factors that increase how quickly the filters get dirty.

Changing the filter before winter helps the system run optimally during the colder months. It can prevent damage and reduce your energy bills. It also helps to keep your indoor air cleaner during a period when you’re spending a lot of time indoors.

Check the Vents and Ducts

A visual check of your vents and ductwork helps ensure the heat actually gets to different parts of your home. Look at the exposed ductwork to look for gaps or cracks. Have those gaps repaired to keep your system running efficiently with less strain to keep up with your heating demands?

Verify that your heating vents are open and not blocked. Rearrange furniture if necessary to open up the vents.

Schedule Professional Maintenance

Every HVAC system should have professional servicing at least once per year. The technician checks all of the moving parts to ensure everything is lubricated, clog-free, and in good working order. Your system can work more efficiently during winter after the professional service.

Your HVAC pro can spot problems and recommend HVAC repairs before winter arrives. This early detection and repair can prevent a major problem that leaves your system not working in the middle of winter.

Seal Up Your Home

Working on your home as a whole can support your HVAC system to put less strain on it during winter. Seal up any cracks and gaps in your home’s exterior to keep the heated air locked inside your home. Adding home insulation can also help your HVAC system keep your home warm without working so hard.

Prep Your HVAC System for Winter

Doing a little HVAC system maintenance before winter arrives ensures your system is running well when temperatures drop. Professional HVAC companies can help make the process easier.

Does your HVAC system need a tune-up before winter? Schedule our HVAC services today.